Beyonder Camp

Beyonder Camp has unveiled a new tool for park owners, the Beyonder CARES Assessment.

Beyonder Camp has unveiled a revolutionary tool, the Beyonder CARES Assessment. Designed exclusively for campground and RV resort owners, this system will elevate your business to new heights and provide you with invaluable insights and an opinion of value for your campground, according to a press release.

What is the Beyonder CARES Assessment? “Running a campground or RV resort can be a thrilling yet challenging endeavor. At Beyonder Camp, we recognize the passion and dedication you invest in creating memorable experiences for your guests,” states the release. “The Beyonder Campground And Resort Evaluation and Summary (CARES) Assessment is your trusted companion on this exciting journey.

“Imagine having a comprehensive evaluation tool that goes beyond mere numbers,” the release adds. “Our four-pillar approach, assessing your management model, your maintenance and marketing strategies, and most importantly, the memories made by your guests, provides a 360-degree view of your property’s performance. It’s the key to ensuring your business stands strong on all four legs like a sturdy stool, guaranteeing stability, growth and a vehicle to support you and elevate you to the next level.”

Wondering how your property measures up in the grand scheme of things? The Beyonder CARES Assessment will unveil your strengths and areas for growth. We will provide you with a customized report and expert suggestions to enhance your property’s performance and maximize its potential.

The Beyonder CARES system is just one of many components of the new Go Beyonder system for campground owners.

“Beyonder is an open-source company and we’re sharing what we’ve learned and developed with others, to elevate the standard in the outdoor hospitality industry,” said company founder Adam Lendi. “We’re thrilled to share the Beyonder CARES Assessment with the outdoor hospitality community and to step in and help an owner out if they are stuck or need to get out of their business.”

Beyonder will be unveiling the rest of the Go Beyonder system and will be available if you’d like to meet their team, explore the benefits of this innovative tool and learn more about its offerings at the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds’ (Nat. ARVC) Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo, which takes place in Kansas City this November.

Beyonder is offering access to FREE Beyonder CARES assessments and property value opinions through their website, at BeyonderCamp.com/GO.