snapshot-2009-06-26-13-41-02The popularity of dog parks around the country is growing exponentially. Parks have been putting in separate “dog parks” everywhere. As an additional attraction as well as a service, campgrounds across the country have been adding them also. 

Not to be outdone, Duncan’s Family Campground in Lothian, Md., has built their own, according to a press release. At over 4,500 square feet there is plenty of room to play. It is located in a wooded area of the camp with plenty of shade for comfort. There are benches for people and fire hydrants for the dogs. Doggie treats are available for a fee 

The Duncans have a pet expo planned for this weekend (June 26-28) with venders. Of course, it is “Pets R Special Weekend” at the campground. There are pet games, a pet talent show and an outdoor movie for pets. 

Saturday morning kicks it off with “Breakfast for your pooches” (scrambled eggs and sausage) 

Built by the Duncans and opened in 1977, the campground has been family owned and operated for 32 years. The third generation is active now with no end in sight.