On  July 26, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, will welcome as many as 20,000 RAGBRAI riders to stay and play in their city. RAGBRAI is the world’s oldest, largest and longest annual bicycle ride.

The theme of the two-day celebration will be “Survivin’ the Ride: Party on the Island.” Riders will have made their way 360 miles across the state before reaching Cedar Rapids to join in RAGBRAI’s 40th Celebration downtown around May’s Island with a special concert featuring Counting Crows.

The Cedar Rapids RAGBRAI committee has selected three camping areas f(see map below) or registered RAGBRAI riders. Campground reservations will be available online after May 7. Campgrounds include:

  • Ellis Park, also known as The Orange Tribe – 32.3 acres, 3.2 miles from May’s Island, accommodates 9,000 campers. This is designated as the main Cedar Rapids RAGBRAI campground.
  • Cherry Hill Park, also known as The Green Tribe – 36.1 acres, 4.75 miles from May’s Island, accommodates 6,000 campers.
  • Veterans Memorial Park and Cleveland Park, jointly known as The Blue Tribe – 10 acres, 1.4 miles from May’s Island, accommodates 1,500 campers and up to 500 RVs.

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