The historic park that is the home of the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Museum in Bean Blossom, Ind., has been put up for sale for $3.9 million. The park is the annual gathering ground for bluegrass music fans.
The park, with its camping facilities, museum, tradition and history could never be replaced for what it brings to bluegrass, according to the online newsletter Cybergrass, the Internet’s bluegrass music magazine.
Part of the listing contract with the sale would be that the park would have to keep the Bill Monroe name and the festival as key components in the future.
Dwight Dillman, who played banjo with Bill Monroe, bought the park in 1996. He says if the park doesn’t sell, he will keep it as is. So far, Dillman has received inquiries regarding the sale. He is confident that the park will continue its tradition and is still booking musicians and selling tickets for the 2008 season.
June and September festivals would be required to remain operational per any sales contract in an effort to keep the tradition alive.