Just three of 17 RVs at the Blanco Settlement RV Park remain standing.

“Scary, scary moment, something I will remember my whole life,” George Davis said. George and Shirley Davis were parked at the RV Park with family members Saturday when the Blanco River started to rise. “We knew it was time to go,” he said.

He attempted to move his RV which didn’t start. By the time he stepped outside the water had risen two feet. “You know the old saying, ‘you don’t fool with Mother Nature,’ that’s a fact,” George Davis said.

The couple, who traveled from the Houston area to vacation in Blanco, said they were able to make it across the bridge on Ranch Road 165 before water ripped it apart. “If it would have been two or three hours later when it would have been dark, there’s no way in hell you would have been able to survive it,” he said.

The RV park isn’t the only part of Blanco County the flood damaged. “The damage from it has been absolutely devastating,” Ben Oakley, spokesperson for Blanco County Emergency Management, said.

Days later, crews are rebuilding bridges and two bodies have been recovered. One identified as Zachary Jones, the other not yet identified. It’s unknown if it is one of the five missing people in Blanco County.

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