No one was injured when a motorhome and a trailer were destroyed by fire at Westbay Marine Village in Esquimalt, British Columbia, on Tuesday (May 29), the Times Colonist reported.

The fire began in the motorhome, which was fully involved when Esquimalt firefighters arrived about 2 a.m., said Assistant Chief Steve Serbic.

The two people inside were alerted by a smoke detector and got out safely, he said.

A fifth-wheel on one side of the motorhome was also destroyed, while one on the other side was damaged. The occupants of both fifth-wheels also escaped without injury, Serbic said.

Linda Holland said she and her husband, who own the damaged fifth-wheel, woke up when they heard an explosion.

“I don’t know if it was a tire exploding next door or a propane tank,” she said. “I have no idea.”

Holland said she and her husband live in the RV area almost full time and travel a few months of the year.

All of those affected are long-term guests at the facility’s RV park, Serbic said.

He said the fire department and Westbay owners have been co-operating on safety plans for the RV park, and it served firefighters well.

“It worked seamlessly,” Serbic said. “Firefighters’ knowledge of the grounds was quite good.”

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