Glamping Show 4 Editor’s Note: This column was written by Erin and Dan Theim, owners of Inn Town Campground, for the California Outdoor Hospitality Association’s (CalOHA) blog. 

The fifth annual Glamping Show USA in Aurora, Colo., took place earlier this month. It was a great to opportunity to welcome professionals, vendors, dreamers and everyone in between as we all talked about the glamping industry and its future. CalOHA was on-hand to represent California campgrounds, RV park owners and everyone else interested in glamping in the state. This fast-growing segment of outdoor hospitality is burgeoning in California and beyond and we’re happy to welcome them to our association and all of the benefits membership provides.

What were some of the key takeaways from the show?  Here are our top eight!

Eight Take Aways:

Glamping isn’t just “up-and-coming“, it’s here and it’s growing fast. While some of our members have been in the glamping space for a while, the show highlighted that glamping can provide some great opportunities and unique additions to your campground.

Glamping is an evolving segment: Ask any two campers what glamping is, and you’ll likely get two different answers. That means operators need to be clear about defining what their unique glamping experience is. It may not be like other places your campers have stayed, but it can still be cool and unique to your park.

Know your audience. Following on from the previous takeaway, knowing who your market is and how they want to experience your area and campground is very important. Many of the attendees at the show were doing unique things in the glamping space. Some are renting bell tents for parties, while others have pop-up accommodations for festivals. Some spots were very upscale, and some had only basic amenities. Whatever direction you want to go, as with all business decisions, make sure it fits your customer profile.

Get to know the tech options. This is a similar insight to many other shows and conferences in outdoor hospitality. There are a lot of technology solutions to make your operations easier and your customer experience better. There are custom apps, virtual tours, property management systems and more to help you be a better operator.

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