treehouse grove

Editor’s Note: This blog posting was written by Chaise Sanders and first appeared for Country Living. 

As someone who claims they’re “outdoorsy” until the first moment a bug gets a little too close for comfort, I think staying in a treehouse is a HUGE accomplishment…and I would easily go again!

Nestled in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains sits Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek Resort. After exiting the entertaining chaos that is Pigeon Forge’s Parkway, we drove up a tree-lined road with shaded creeks on each side. Just when we began to think we were lost, we came upon this:

treehouse grove

Phase I Treehouse Grove features eight single family treehouses. TREEHOUSE GROVE AT NORTON CREEK//FACEBOOK

Yes, we audibly gasped because as soon as we saw the treehouse “village,” our inner child was ready for a relaxing night in the woods and of course, s’mores at a fire pit surrounded by Adirondack chairs. Each luxury treehouse (emphasis on luxury!) comes with a full bathroom, kitchenette, large porch, and two bedrooms—one of them being lofted in the house’s A-frame structure. Trust us, it’s not as Flowers in the Attic as it seems. Oh, and yes, there’s AC and Wi-Fi so using the excuse that you can’t “unplug” is invalid here.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we were given a tour of the newest additions to Treehouse Grove by the mastermind behind it all: Pete Nelson, host of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters. It’s safe to say, we’ve never met someone as excited and passionate about living amongst trees as Pete.

With a quick, steep drive and a slow down from a wild turkey who got some attention, we arrived to Phase II of the resort where the treehouses somehow managed to get even more luxurious. With more space for additional guests, unobstructed views of the mountains, and community hot tubs, we couldn’t think of a single reason to even leave the treehouse in the first place.

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