Burke Canyon

Canyon Creek runs the length of Burke Canyon, including near a spot where a conditional use permit (CUP) was recently issued for a new RV park. The CUP is being appealed by several local residents who are concerned with a number of issues that could accompany such a park.

The Shoshone (Idaho) Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is set to preside over a public hearing this week concerning a conditional use permit that was granted for an RV park near Burke, according to the News-Press.

It was in June 2021 that the Shoshone County Planning and Zoning Commission approved the conditional use permit (CUP) for Lisa Johnston, who had been seeking the commission’s approval to build a multi-space RV park on some property near Burke Road.

Following the approval of the CUP, several appeals were reportedly filed, including one from Carolyn Collins and Bryan Stepro — which is what the BOCC will be hearing this week.

The hearing had been attempted in December of last year but had to be canceled and rescheduled due to the failure of the recording equipment that is used for record-keeping during the hearing.

In a letter that was written to the BOCC, Collins pointed out the ongoing rise of alternative living situations (including short-term rentals and RVs), and that she believed this issue was due to the number of available rental properties plummeting.

In this particular situation, she mentioned to the BOCC that the solution she sees as the best fit would involve requiring business licenses and then enforcing current zoning codes.

“Not much can be done for the campground situation unless they are made to move so often as the parks require,” Collins said. “Our own zoning codes can remedy some of this by simply making them (the owners of the properties) get a business license and a CUP.”

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