Representatives from BowStern, a national marketing firm specializing in the RV industry, announced Monday (Jan. 7) they will launch the 2013 survey immediately following the Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, Fla.

BowStern stated in a press release that in preparation for the launch, the company is inviting members of the industry to submit questions to include in the annual survey.

“In our on-going efforts to best serve the RV community, we are calling for questions from vendors,” said Tom Derzypolski, president of BowStern. “What information would you find useful? Let us know what you want to know.”

The survey is designed to be short and easy so that RV owners will take the time to respond. Industry leaders have and opportunity over the next week to suggest questions for consideration in this survey. Last year, almost 700 users responded to the survey, providing the industry with a broad view of RV owners’ habits and preferences.

Historically, the survey is limited to 20 questions and takes just under five minutes to complete. It covers a broad range of topics from average distance traveled in a year to how RVers plan trips and various product preferences, and is offered in both print and online formats.

To incentivize RV users to complete the survey, BowStern is giving away numerous free stay certificates, gas cards and other prizes.

Submit questions to Tom Derzypolski at [email protected] The survey will begin the week of Jan. 21 and the survey report will be published in late February. A copy of last year’s Survey Report can be obtained by visiting www.BowStern.com.