In a show of maternal solidarity, a dozen or so mothers staged a “nurse-in” and breast-fed their babies at a local pool Tuesday morning to protest what they labeled a local campground’s “discriminatory” policies.

The peaceful protest ended amicably when management at the Sun-N-Fun RV Resort apologized and vowed to comply with Florida law that allows women to breast-feed their babies in public, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported.

The tiff began Saturday when 39-year-old Natalija Lazic, a post-partum nurse visiting from Serbia, began breast-feeding her 26-month-old daughter from the top step of the Sun-N-Fun jacuzzi whirlpool. Accompanied by Janice Shelton of Sarasota, Lazic was told by a resort staffer to cover up and move because “you can’t do that here.”

Shelton said she eventually talked to resort General Manager Tim Deputy, whom Shelton says informed her that Lazic had violated regulations concerning no consumption of food or drinks in the hot tub.

Shelton shared the news with Ryan Stanley, who hosts a “Maternally Yours” show on Sarasota public radio station WSLR. Said Stanley, “I spoke with someone in the health department about that and she fell out of her chair laughing. She said there was nothing in the health codes like that.”

Citing Florida Statute 383.015 which authorizes mothers to breast-feed their babies “in any location, public or private” and “irrespective of whether the nipple of the mother’s breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breastfeeding,” Shelton began talking with her peers about the idea of a “nurse-in” demonstration. Among those contacted: the 527-member Sarasota Conscious Parenting Network.

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