Increasing demand at British Columbia campgrounds is leading some residents to demand more campsites, CBC News reported.

Online reservations for British Columbia campgrounds began May 15, and many popular destinations are already booked up well in advance.

“It doesn’t matter whether you book three months out or six months out,” said long-term camper Jonathan Schneider.

Schneider, a Victoria resident, says long gone are the days when you could have your pick of the campground on a weekend.

“One of the primary reasons seems to be that there aren’t enough sites,” said Schneider. “And instead of adding more sites, the parks seem intent on making them fancier and fancier.”

Nathalie Dechaine, lead for Discover Camping, agrees that camping is a popular activity and demand is increasing. She said last year British Columbia parks had up to 21 million visitors.

Dechaine says keeping up with demand is a big challenge for the province because ideal land for camping — near the water or old growth forests — is cost prohibitive.

“Property values being what they are, it’s not easy to go out and buy new campsites and build them,” said Dechaine.

However, Dechaine says there are still plenty of opportunities.

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