With the Site C Dam progressing, and British Columbia Hydro continuing their work, British Columbia’s Lynx Creek Campground will be closing their gates at the end of this summer.

Lynx Creek Campground is situated  north of Hudson’s Hope, on the shore of the Peace River and has been open for about 19 years. There have been three owners in that time, including Lee and Terry Clark who have owned the campground for the past seven years.

On Jan. 25 the announcement came on a Facebook post, ‘With broken hearts, we are announcing this will be the last year Lynx Creek Campground will be open.’

Lynx Creek Campground is located close to town, it is a facility that offers full-service sites, as well as tenting areas. 

The Clarks shared, “We are not sure what is next for us. We thought we had more time so we don’t have any concrete plans yet. We did hope that BC Hydro would consider relocation on the new reservoir, but BC Hydro said this is not a possible option. We also hoped for more time, but the response was they need the property due to the highway project and need somewhere to park trucks.”

The Clarks told me they are heartbroken as they are losing their business and their home. They go on to share that when they jumped into the adventure seven years ago they hoped Site C would never become a reality.

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