Camping in a tent is fun, but camping suspended in a tree tent among the green, leafy giants of the forest is even more enjoyable, according to treehugger.com.

We’ve seen a variety of tree tents before and now British company Sky-Pod is offering this durable design that uses military-grade materials and can be hung off a tree as a comfortable shelter for two adults.

According to New Atlas, Sky-Pod’s makers have actually been making tree tents for over a decade. Earlier prototypes were based on the crinoline, the rigid structure that gave ladies’ dresses their distinct cone-like form during the Victorian era, and were initially exhibited at festivals and events around the United Kingdom as an art project.

But it’s now available commercially, and the latest Sky-Pod is built with ultra-strong materials, and is capable of holding up to 550 pounds, thanks to its aluminium poles and load-bearing, webbed structure, which takes its inspiration from the crinoline.

Measuring 9 feet tall and with a diameter of about 7 feet wide, the Sky-Pod can hold two adults and their gear, in addition to allowing them to stand up. A rain fly and mosquito netting can be tacked on as well.

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