Anna Kuziak

Anna Kuzia mans the booth for the Northeast Campground Association.

The record-setting 2022 Florida RV SuperShow at the Florida State Fairgrounds outside Tampa — commonly referenced in the outdoor hospitality industry as the “Tampa Show” — brought together RV owners, RV manufacturers, RV dealers and other outdoor recreation companies. fueled perhaps by the surge in interest related to RVing, camping and outdoor recreation in general.

With an opening day total of more than 20,000 — the most ever — the show was a signal that the outdoor hospitality industry isn’t expecting a slowdown in 2022.

Among the hundreds of vendors that took part in the Tampa Show, campground associations and brochure distribution services were also there highlighting the campground, RV park and glamping sectors.

Don Bennett. the longtime president and CEO of the Campground Owners of New York (CONY) and owner of Anderson’s Brochure Distribution, a company that distributes campground brochures for parks across the country, noted to WOODALLSCM.com that business continues to go well for the company.

“During the pandemic, it was tough when the shows were canceled, but overall, it’s picked up nicely,” he explained. “The Hershey RV show last fall, it had second-best attendance ever and they’re looking for a very strong showing here. So far, the shows that we’ve attended this year, we just finished the Boston RV & Camping Expo, have been outstanding. The shows have had a lot of people and everybody is interested in camping and RVing.”

Bennett said that he expects the outdoor hospitality industry to do well in 2022.

“We’re looking forward to continuing the momentum in the industry as the orders for RVs actually get filled and more and more people are able to come out camping and enjoy the outdoors, and all that campgrounds have to offer,” he noted.

Anna Kuzia, the manager of Coastal Acres Campground in Provincetown, Mass., was manning the Northeast Campground Association’s (NCA) booth. She noted that the association was promoting parks in five states, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland and Maine.

“We have had a lot of people walk by the booth and a lot of them have taken brochures,” she highlighted.

She explained that distributing brochures at events like the Tampa Show is important because that is how you reach more people.

“In order to get knowledge to the people, you’ve got to bring it to the people,” Kuzia said. “Not everybody goes online and it’s so helpful to network, and that’s the key, networking.”