Mark Jacoby and Buffie Vereecke

Mark Jacoby and Buffie Vereecke

Nestled on Route 9N in Ticonderoga, N.Y., is an oasis of glimmering pool water, positioned strategically to ideally capture the most potent rays of the summer sun as it makes its way across the sky, according to The Sun.

Welcome to Brookwood RV Resort’s extensive expansion; welcome to owners Mark Jacoby and Buffie Vereecke’s ambitious vision turned reality.

“We’ve been wanting to put a pool in since year one of our business,” said Vereecke. She and her husband and business partner, Jacoby, have called Brookwood their own since 2014. Over the course of the past eight years, the couple has transformed one of the best-kept secrets to Ticonderoga locals into a living, breathing, thriving venture that embodies perfectly what it means to summer in the Adirondacks.

“Thankfully it didn’t happen then because it would have been in a totally different area and it would have been just a pool, not the pool entertainment complex it is now — it’s just amazing.”

Indeed, life and timing being in the hands of fate and circumstances has proved beneficial to the couple. Though it was a project many years in the making and as Vereecke noted was “a business necessity,” the fruits of the labor of Port Henry Pools, Adirondack Concrete, Weathered Stone and Jacoby himself will be boundless and bring revenue to the entire area.

“We have had many customers ask if there was a pool, and at least 40% would decline to make a reservation over the phone when they found out there wasn’t one,” Vereecke explained. “So, knowing that was happening on the phone you know it also was happening when potential vacationers visited the website.”

Vereecke noted it was important to her and Jacoby that Brookwood became a destination park in its own right, with enough activities to keep campers busy on the campground, in addition to the surrounding area. Mission accomplished.

“When the Department of Health came, they told us we have the most beautiful pool in the entire area, including even Lake Placid,” Jacoby noted proudly. Tables, chairs, and cabanas will be forthcoming before the official opening to bring the aesthetic altogether and will feature an adult and family section so “those concerned about splashing won’t have to worry about that” Jacoby said with a twinkle in his eye.

In addition to the immaculate 18-foot by 68-foot pool with its tasteful, crisp light blue liner, Brookwood campers will now have access to lawn bowling, checkers, bocci ball and a new playground.

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