On about 100 acres nestled in the hills outside of Mansfield, Pa., sits Tioga County’s own camping resort, Bucktail. Its mascot is a buck in a yellow shirt that brings the character of the campground to life with signs, according to the Westfield Free Press-Courier. 

The family fun park offers a unique camping experience for those who want a break from their lives at home and friendly to all ages. There are different styled cabins offered for visitors’ stay — some with electric, some without — and some with water.

Visitors have an array of options when it comes to camping. Those who like to “rough it” and sleep in a tent have access to campsites just for that. There are also cabins, huts, mini-lodges, small houses, campers and a trailer all available to rent with flexible prices depending on your budget.

Every year, the park offers a “fun” schedule of weekend activities starting just before Memorial Day into October. A few examples include: an alien invasion weekend, family game weekend, Bucky’s Blast From the Past, fun on the farm and more. The park also celebrates Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and closes with Halloween celebrations.

Though the campground has had its fair share of upgrades, like the pool, it still keeps historical pieces of the campground, such as the 1950 model trains, the 1914 merry-go-round, a 1951 fire truck and the 1950 tower slide.

“We have a 1950s tower slide, which is only one of three in the whole country,” said general manager Art Kuhl. “We have one, Knoebel’s has one and there’s one more out west.”

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