The long 4th of July weekend is here. According to AAA, there will be a slight decline in holiday travel. The extended period of high gas prices is encouraging more travelers to stay closer to home, WQAD-TV, Moline, Ill, reported.

The sign at Buffalo Shores Campground near Buffalo, Iowa, says it all. Come early, or be out of luck.

“We came last weekend and got our spot,” said Sonya Kneen, Parkview.

“We got the last spot,” added Dan Lorentzen, Davenport, Iowa. “Someone was pulling out and said, hey, this spot is open.”

All 65 spaces at Buffalo Shores filled up by Monday night. The Lorentzen and Kneen families are among the lucky ones. They staked out their space for a weekend of fun. That means tossing bean bags and relaxing in the shade.

“It’s close by,” Dan said. “It has everything you need. It’s got a beach, sunshine and good people.”

“We have a 14-day limit,” said Park Manager Roger Larson. “They’ll come out here and time their 14 days so they can have 12 to 13 days before the 4th.”

Across the country, eight in 10 holiday travelers will be going by car. That means the airport shouldn’t be as hectic as it is during other holidays.

Despite falling gas prices around the Quad Cities, fuel is still averaging about .80 more per gallon from a year ago. Nationally, four out of 10 drivers will stay closer to home.

“We definitely saved some money just by coming here and staying here rather than driving all over the Quad Cities,” said Jason Kneen, Parkview.

“This is just right outside the Quad Cities,” Sonya added. “You’re isolated, all together and it doesn’t cost anything.”

Those staycations are becoming more popular than ever. Here at Buffalo Shores, it makes a busy summer season even more active — at least for those who planned ahead.

“Show up early,” suggested Jordan Kneen. “Be assertive and ready to get it.”