Outdoor Business ProsThe Buy, Build or Sell Conference has lined up 33 speakers presenting on 52 on-demand topics plus 4 live panels for the virtual event taking place Jan. 26 and 27 at OutdoorBusinessPros.com, according to officials organizing the event.

With expertise across the industry, the speakers are poised to inform and educate potential buyers or builders of parks on one side and also educate owners looking to sell their properties on the other side.

“The new format is no brainer for the presenters as the content will remain evergreen,” stated Mark Koep, founder and CEO of Outdoor Business Pros. “We are combining a virtual event and ongoing mastermind program to take education in our industry to another level.”

The list of speakers is available here: https://www.outdoorbusinesspros.com/speakers/ and all of their material will be available on-demand to paying attendees to the Outdoor Business Pros. Professionals from insurance, finance, brokering, operations, marketing, valuation, manufacturing, and supplies will all provide educational sessions for attendees.

During the live event, there will be four-panel discussions with a mix of professionals from the list above. These panels are free for anyone to attend. Each of the speakers has self-selected the panels they will add the most value for and will be available to address any questions that arise. The panel topics will be 90 minutes in length and structured around viewer interaction and led discussion.

Specific panel topics are:

Jan 26, Noon CST – Getting started in the Outdoor Hospitality Industry

Jan 26, 5 p.m. CST – Do I Build or Do I Buy

Jan 27, Noon CST – Selling My Park… and Doing it Right

Jan 27, 5 p.m. CST – Legal and Financial Whatcha M’Callit

“In the midst of chaos and uncertainty we are working hard to provide structure and education to anyone looking to either get into this business or out of it if they are selling,” stated Koep. “Our industry performs an important task for our society and we want to help everyone become better stewards with the knowledge and information shared from this conference.”

For information contact Mark Koep at (805) 341-3828 or email [email protected]