Editor’s Note: The following New Year thoughts appeared in this week’s issue of “Wednesday Morning Coffee Talk & Updates,” an online publication of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC).

January: The nationally scheduled time to reflect, review and evaluate. Mostly we focus on our personal lives. While this is critically important, I suggest you spend some time evaluating your business as well. How is the park doing? Is it sound financially? Am I providing outstanding customer experiences? Visually, how does my park look? Structurally, what capital improvements should I be considering? Is this what I imagined when I bought/built this campground? What will by customers want or expect in this next year?

Below you will find links to different articles that have appeared in recent months in three leading online news services. They have similar messages about the evolving expectations of the new RVing consumer, active and engaged, seeking entertainment and amenities to match a busy lifestyle.

‘The Way We RV is Changing’

‘Boomerbirds’ More Affluent than ‘Snowbirds’

Colorado Jellystone Wins Jim Webb Spirit Award

After reading these articles, ask yourself the same set of questions from above. Have your answers changed? Whether you realize it or not, camping is all about the experience. The real question is what kind of experience are you providing? What changes do you need to put in place to ensure the “experience” is what you intend? Then make sure to measure, measure, measure your efforts with a guest satisfaction survey tool.

Recent articles in the CalARVC News have discussed the Experience Based Economy. To learn more about today’s consumer, click here to read a summary of Gilmore & Pine’s concept which was published in the Harvard Business Review under the title “Welcome to the Experience Economy.”