In two weeks, RV park operators and owners will be gathering in Temecula, Calif. for two days of education on Feb. 27 & 28, presented by the California Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds.

Feb. 27 will focus on selecting and comparing reservation software, with six reservation software companies attending, including Aspira, ResNexus, Sunrise, Astra, RMS and Campspot.

Feb. 28 will focus on safety and disaster planning. FBI Special Agent Richard Sanchez and Border Patrol Senior Agent Bejar will present different criminal activities that go on in and around RVs.

Campground operators will walk away with a better understanding of what both agencies do, what to be on the look out for and how to reach out if they observe suspicious behavior.

The afternoon will feature Patrick Hardy, of Hytropy Reverse Disaster, with a session on developing your own working disaster plan. The day will end with a hands on scenario, debrief, dinner and campfire.

To learn more about the two-day event click here.