Editor’s Note: The following article ran in CalARVC’s “Coffee Talk” newsletter concerning new ADA regulations.

Campgrounds, along with other public accommodations, were given a reprieve from the March and extended May deadlines to comply with the 2010 ADA standards. The new deadline is Jan. 31, 2013. As of September, there is nothing new to report regarding whether or not portable pool lifts will be in compliance with the new requirements. Discussions continue, however, and the impending election is a major distraction from the conversations. Jeff Sims, ARVC Director of Program Advocacy, reports that he “hopes discussions will return in force later in November and December.”

Other items include:

• “Readily Achievable Tool” – While we don’t yet have clarification on what the final decision will be, ARVC has developed a tool to help parks determine was is or is not “readily achievable. “This form generates a business plan which will be required if you determine compliance is not “readily achievable.” It walks you through, step-by-step, the cost and work required for barrier removal. It provides you with space to explain why it may or may not be achievable this year or in the future. It also includes checklists for evaluating accessibility throughout your park, not just in your pool or spa areas. This form is free to CalARVC and ARVC members, simply email your request to [email protected] or call (530) 885-1624.

• Other Recreational ADA Considerations – Pools and Spas were not the only changes to the 2010 ADA Standards. Other recreational components were added including amusement rides, fishing facilities, golf and miniature golf facilities, play areas, recreational boating facilities, exercise equipment, saunas and steam rooms and other areas of sport activities. ADAchecklist.org provides checklists for determining compliance for all recreational facilities.