The following public service announcement appears in today’s issue of “Wednesday Morning Coffee Talk & Updates,” a publication of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC). The announcement refers to activities in California, but all 50 states are affected by the new regulations governing gas pipelines which take effect Aug. 2.

While few RV parks and campgrounds have master meter gas/propane systems, those that do will need to comply with new federal regulations beginning Aug. 2, 2011. Operators of a master meter gas/propane system (natural or propane gas hard-piped to each site), similar to those used at mobile home parks, must develop and implement a written plan that addresses the integrity of gas and propane pipeline systems by Aug. 2.

Inspectors from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) will begin to review said plans during routine inspections of your gas pipeline system. Park owners may want to contact your utility service provider for assistance in developing this written plan. Park owners can also call the CPUC at (213) 576-7020 for more information how this program impacts your park.