Editor’s Note: The following stories appear in this week’s issue of “Wednesday Morning Coffee Talk & Updates,” an online e-newsletter published by the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC). The stories highlight CalARVC’s legislative successes and encourage its members to get involved to help protect and promote the RV park and campground business. The message is aimed at California park owners but has applications to owners across the country.

Over the years, CalARVC has fought for the protection of RV parks and campgrounds from overzealous government legislators and regulators. Its robust Government Relations program monitors legislative bills, assists members with local problems and works with HCD to make RV park regulations as manageable as possible. Here are just a few “Wins” making it easier for you to do business here in California:

  • Legalizing of electrical metering in RV parks.
  • Legalization of Camping Cabins and Park Trailers.
  • Training certification for swimming pool operators.
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan template.
  • Separation of RV Park regulations from MH Park regulations.
  • 24 hour Eviction Law.
  • Imminent Danger Removal Law.

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Make a Difference in California Politics!

“Really?” is a question you might be asking yourself right about now. But the answer is a resounding YES, if we combine our efforts. CalARVC’s REC PAC does just that. This political action committee formed by CalARVC in 1988 has made hundreds of thousands of campaign contributions helping to elect business friendly legislators.

Again, you might be questioning this statement. Again the answer is YES. Can you imagine how “un-business friendly” California politicians would be if it weren’t for the influence of small businesses? However, we can’t rest on our laurels! We must keep up the fight and continue to put pressure on Sacramento. Your contributions to REC PAC are our industry’s best tool! Make sure to budget and contribute each and every year.