The feds are giving you until July 15 to pay your income taxes because of the coronavirus pandemic. Same with the state of California.

But property taxes are due Friday, thank you, and if you miss the deadline you could face a 10% penalty, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Sacramento County and other counties in the state are sticking with the traditional April 10 deadline because they say they need the money for essential services like public health and schools. The California Association of Counties said last week that county tax collectors plan to cancel the penalties “on a case-by-case basis” for those facing hardships due to COVID-19.

That isn’t good enough for the California Business Properties Association, which said counties should waive the penalties for anyone, no questions asked, as business and residential property owners scramble to cope with the shutdown of much of the economy.

So far only four counties have agreed to automatically waive the penalties — San Francisco, San Mateo, Kern and Imperial — said Rex Hime, the association’s chief executive. Tax collectors in Sacramento County and most others in the state will waive the penalties for those who have a hardship caused by COVID-19.

“It’s not like we’re saying don’t collect the taxes,” Hime said. “All we’re saying is forego the penalty.” He said he’d like to see a reprieve until June 30, the date when an additional 1.5% penalty kicks on for nonpayment.

Hime said it’s ridiculous for property owners to have to prove a coronavirus hardship to county assessors.

“If the Placer County assessor gets 5,000 requests (for delays), how long do you think it will take to process that? And they’re not equipped to do that,” Hime said.

The CampCalNOW RV Park and Campground Alliance (CampCalNOW) has joined forces with CalTax, CalChamber, CalTravel, California’s Trade Associations, and other Small Business Associations to request an executive order from the governor to postpone the property tax payment deadline by partially suspending Revenue and Taxation Code sections 2618 and 4103 through July 15.

​This action would allow taxpayers to pay the second installment of their property taxes after the April 10 deadline without penalty, including the additional penalty imposed under Revenue and Taxation Code section 4103. The governor already issued an executive order allowing the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration and the Franchise Tax Board to extend tax payment deadlines but did not address property taxes.

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