Private Campsites

This campsite was seen on privately own ranch land in Cambria on Labor Day weekend in 2020. COURTESY PHOTO

San Luis Obispo County supervisors plan to make changes soon that would make it easier for owners of rural and even urban land to add rentable campsites and even small campgrounds to their properties, according to The Tribune.

During the supervisors’ consideration in November of all the possible new priority projects, some people, many of them owners of rural lands, said they want the rules loosened. They’re hoping it can be easier, faster and less expensive to get permits to put campsites and other facilities on vacant land and other privately owned properties.

Some ranchers and farmers spoke about how the additional income from campsites could help make their operations more financially viable, thereby helping future generations to hang onto their family land and their agricultural lifestyles in these challenging times. They also said occupancy taxes collected from each site would help the county’s bottom line.

Other people have expressed serious concerns about putting campsites and facilities in urban areas near homes, in neighborhoods, or in/near forests and other fire-prone places. There have also been suggestions that Planning and the supervisors could consider different rules for different areas of the county, as is the case for vacation-rental ordinances and regulations about overnight parking.

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