The Kings River RV Resort in Tulare County, Calif., is preparing to open to the public on July 1, according to ABC 30. 

However, portions of the resort are still flooded, due to rising waters from the Kings River back in May.

Nicole Osborne, with the Kings River RV Resort, explained while the river has gone down, they are pumping water out of their campgrounds.

“Obviously, putting a big trailer on a lot of those sites, mud you know you sink you don’t want that so we will have all those spots full,” she said.

The resort is still temporarily closed to any new visitors. Osborne said this is impacting business because typically around this time of year they are at full capacity.

“Before the flood, it was almost at max (capacity). We had almost every campsite full so with it clearing out and not having those sites available it’s hit us pretty hard,” she explained.

The resort has a full reservation list for July 1. They hope to open and be at full capacity; however, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office still has the river closed to recreational use.

“A lot of people have been concerned with it being closed because they obviously come out here to have access to the river,” Osborne said. “I know those people will still be out here because they are loyal customers, but it’s definitely for them like ‘awe man wish we can be out on the water because it’s so hot.”

The resort has around 100 sites and only a fraction of those are filled with residents.

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