Eric and Danielle Hannon

After exiting the corporate world, a California couple launched an online social media company, shorelooksnice.com, that provides a variety of marketing services to the RV retail sector while also offering  a snapshot of their travels as full-time RVers.

The business venture started during the summer of 2014 when Eric Hannan made the decision to quit his job in Orange County and hit the road with his wife, Danielle, and two Pomeranians, Bailey and Zoey. Hannan has since traveled to 43 states, touring, camping and using his experiences to create social media content. Along the way the couple also added a daughter, Ella, to the family, while Danielle is pregnant with their second child.

During his first year of full-time RVing, Hannan visited RV dealerships and interviewed customers about the buying process. The result was a case study that helped him get inside the minds of buyers and learn how to market to them with social media. “With the knowledge we’ve gained, we’ve been able to increase sales exponentially for our RV dealership clients,” he told RVBUSINESS.com.

His clientele includes 35 dealerships across the country, along with a few campgrounds, a segment he wants to increase as the business continues to grow.

The secret to the company’s early success, said Hannan, is the fact that they’re creating their content while actually living the lifestyle, lending their social media posts “an air of credibility” that readers and followers appreciate. He added that their service is also cheaper than hiring a typical outside agency to handle social media duties.

“Because we’re so lean and mean, it’s inexpensive to provide this service and there’s no learning curve,” Hannan said. “At an agency they typically have a young staff person handling social media and they don’t know the RV lifestyle. If we want to write a post about emptying a black water tank, we just go out and do it and take pictures or video.”

In addition to providing a living for the family, the work camping lifestyle provides other benefits. “Being full-time RVers has been an incredible journey and a great learning experience,” said Hannan. “The best part is going to unique places, meeting new people, and doing it all with my family.” The Hannan’s aren’t ready to settle down anytime soon, either. “We don’t have an end in sight. We’ll do this at least for another four years until the kids are ready to go to school.”

To see the Hannan’s experiences on the road or for more information on their services, visit shorelooksnice.com.

– Cean Burgeson