Auburn State Recreation Area

The Auburn State Recreation Area plans to build more than 200 additional sites.

Controversy is brewing at the Auburn State Recreation Area in North Auburn, Calif., as the state will consider adding more than one hundred new campsites to the area, according to CBS Sacramento.

People who live nearby say that will increase the threat of wildfires and put lives at risk.

The proposed expansion of the campgrounds — from 36 to more than 250 — has people sounding the alarm.

“The impact of more people is more risks of wildfire,” said John Mikelini, president of the board of directors of the Foresthill Fire Protection District.

The district is opposed to the added campgrounds and says it will put people who live in the community at risk, not only from increased risk of wildfires but by overcrowding evacuation routes.

“There are 7,000 people that live in the Foresthill area along the Foresthill divide and really have only one true means of accessing and leaving the community,” Mikelini said. “The Foresthill Bridge, where the Bridge Fire occurred this year, was blocked as a result of the fire.”

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