CampgroundViews.com continues to expand the number of parks utilizing its Campground Virtual Tours.

The Merced (Calif.) Water District was covered in a recent news report from ABC30 regarding the launch of its new Campground Virtual Tours, according to a release from CampgroundViews.com, which offers the Campground Virtual Tours.

The agency is the first public agency in the world to release a fully integrated and free-to-use Campground Virtual Tour of its properties, noted the release. For potential campers this new tool allows them to see the campground roads, campsites, see real-time site availability and click to book the exact campsite they are viewing. The innovative technology promises to make it easier for campers to discover the location and pick the campsite best suited to their needs.

“We hope this will help loyal visitors learn about new locations to stay at while also making the reservation process more manageable.,” said Brooke Gutierrez, director of parks. Campground Views

The five campgrounds are located along the shores of Lakes McClure and Lake McSwain in the Western foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Billed as California’s “best-kept secret,” campers can now see why. Campsites are situated along the shore of the lakes, butted up against oak-covered hillsides, and on hillsides with majestic views of the surrounding countryside.

“Campground Virtual Tours are the single best tool for getting campers into a campground,” said Mark Koep, CEO of Campground Views Inc., “all while reducing workload for park operators and increasing their bottom-line.”

Everyone is invited to tour the campgrounds, virtually, at the following destinations:

Lake McClure Campground: https://www.lakemcclure.com/camping/mcclure-point-camping-recreation/

Lake McSwain Campground: https://www.lakemcclure.com/camping/lake-mcswain-camping-recreation/

Barrett Cove Campground: https://www.lakemcclure.com/camping/barrett-cove-camping-recreation/

Horseshoe Bend Campground: https://www.lakemcclure.com/camping/horseshoe-bend-camping-recreation/

Bagby Campground: https://www.lakemcclure.com/camping/bagby-camping-recreation/

The Campground Virtual Tours are designed to integrate with an existing reservation system. By not changing any underlying processes for the campground operators, the tours are easily added to the camper journey.