It’s a popular spot, but the future of camping at Lake Jennings near San Diego, Calif., is in jeopardy, television station KFMB reported.

There is talk of closing the reservoir’s 96-space campground due to it losing money for the past several years.

Campground host Jac Claypool needs some camping company, or it’s possible the Lake Jennings campground could be closed forever.

“I get people from Lakeside that say we never know this was here,” Claypool said.

Lake Jennings and its campground are owned and operated by the Helix Water District and its board.

“I don’t have the direct authority to make the decision whether the campground stays open or closes,” Operations Manager Brian Olney said.

Olney said although progress is being made, the campground is still losing money. In fiscal year 2012-2013, it lost $125,000. Last year, there was a $90,000 loss, $35,000 of which was spent upgrading electrical needs. Losing more money could lead to higher water bills for Helix Water District users.

He says the water district has 55,000 customers, and according to their records, only one percent of those people camp at Lake Jennings.

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