A popular campground on the California’s central coast remains closed following a series of storms, television station KSBY reported.

California State Parks officials say Pismo State Beach North Beach Campground remains closed as crews work to assess the damage.

The campground has been closed since Jan. 4. Officials hope to reopen in time for spring break but that all depends on what Mother Nature has planned.

This time last year, revenue for North Beach Campground looked a little different. According to Dena Bellman, park and recreation specialist for the Oceano Dunes District of California State Parks, in January 2016, the campground had $30,150 in revenue. This year for the month of January, only $3,525 was generated. February was worse, as no revenue was generated due to the closure. The campground brought in $48,700 last February.

“We’re running about $50,000 less in camping revenue, but that’s an ebb and flow that happens every year with the weather, so this time of year it’s something we expect,” Bellman said.

That $50,000 decrease is just for the month of February alone. While Bellman said it’s not a huge blow to the budget for this year, it could impact next year’s budget. She says seasonal jobs could be trimmed and maintenance projects could be deferred.

Bellman said that even though the campground is closed, no employees were laid off. In fact, the damage to the property creates more work.

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