RVers who want to camp in one of California’s state parks may have reservations about the whole matter when they hear the latest: The Golden State parks are staying open despite the budget crisis, but campground reservations have been eliminated in all but 23 of more than 200 of the state’s parks, according to rvnewsservice.com.

Says a notice on the official state park service website, “We will resume camping reservations after we have determined how best to operate within [our] $14 million cut.” This doesn’t mean that camping is out of the question, but it does mean that the lion’s share of California campsites will be on a first-come, first-served basis until officials figure out how to deal with the dollar cuts.

All this on the heels of news that the recession has done nothing to curb Americans’ appetite for camping.

Quite the contrary. Many private RV parks and public camping agencies report a huge increase in use over this last summer. Plenty of RVers have found to their chagrin that traveling without reservations can lead to long nights spent on parking lots when finding “full” signs on campgrounds.