Gingerbread house at SkyPark at Santa’s Village in Skyforest, Calif. 

Editor’s Note: This story was written for Mobile RVing’s The Buzz.

There are some places in the country where people just breathe the spirit of Christmas.  A place that has the wonder, the family atmosphere, and, of course, Santa Claus.  In the 1950s, Santa’s Village opened in Skyforest, Calif., with the idea of bringing Christmas year-round.

A touching video of the original Santa’s Village can be viewed here.

One patron reminisces in a review of Santa’s Village, “Oh…how I remember this place. Going in the snow, building snowmen while waiting to get on a ride. The wonder of it all when you’re just a young kid.”

For a while, it was successful, however it eventually went bankrupt after a couple of decades. It was then bought by Pamela and Putty Henck, who expanded the park with rides, horseback and nature trails.  It stayed in business until 1998.  It was originally going to be brought back to life by a new owner, but it was not to be.  A fire in 2003 destroyed much of the area and some of the property; however, a lot of the historic structures were saved by the local fire agencies.

Now, the park has returned and, soon, it will have a full hookup RV park to allow people to take advantage of even more amenities than ever before.

The park is called SkyPark at Santa’s Village and is owned by Bill and Michelle Johnson.  There is a little bit of everything at the park — top of the line bike trails, climbing walls, ice skating, ziplining, ax throwing, and, of course, Santa!

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