Joshua Tree National Park

The weather is so balmy and people are in such a mood to head outdoors that Joshua Tree National Park is overwhelmed with crowds.

And, according to The Sun, officials are actually trying to discourage people from visiting the popular high desert park near Palm Springs this weekend — or to come early and plan ahead, if they do.

Those who insist on coming should brace themselves for an experience unlike what they are probably expecting, George Land, a park spokesman, said by phone Friday morning, Dec. 29.

“When it is every bit as crowded as the Santa Monica Freeway at rush hour, that kind of takes away from the whole wilderness park experience,” Land said.

How bad could it be?

Consider this, Land said.

“We’ve had over-mile-long backups at the entrance station, trying to get into the park.”

He was talking about the west entrance at Joshua Tree Village, the place to which many GPS systems steer motorists.

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