For a lot of people, camping is off limits. Tents and gear are expensive, and then there’s the thought of sleeping outside on the ground.

The Associated Press reported that a group formed by the state to help revamp California’s 280 state parks wants to open up their natural beauty to a wider array of people than typical campers.

Parks Forward envisions putting in simple — yet eye-catching — cabins that sleep four or more on some of the 15,000 camping spaces at parks throughout the state. The idea is that people who have never camped will suddenly find it alluring.

“This is one step above sleeping on the ground,” said Lance Conn, co-chair of Parks Forward. “It’s rustic. It’s got a door. It’s clean and comfortable, but not the Four Seasons.”

Parks Forward was created in the fallout of a 2012 scandal that bruised the reputation of the California Department of Parks and Recreation when $54 million was found hidden in secret accounts while budget cuts were threatening to close 70 state parks.

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