California Outdoor Hospitality Association Members of the California Outdoor Hospitality Association (CalOHA) will have the opportunity to enjoy a private screening of the documentary “Elemental” on Sept. 13.

CalOHA has partnered with the producers of the documentary to help its members “begin to reimagine our relationship with wildfires.”

CalOHA noted in a member email that the documentary will “explore the ways in which our homes, businesses and communities can adapt and learn to coexist with forest fires.

“Hear from top experts, researchers and wildfire survivors on this journey to better understand fire and to spread awareness of the ways we can protect and prepare our communities,”

Filmmaker Ralph Bloemers will stick around after the screening for a Q&A and a focused discussion on home hardening and community safety.

Members will be able to view the private screening from their own digital devices.

CalOHA members can register for the private screening by clicking here.