Affinity Group Inc.’s Camp Club USA discount camping club has grown to 50,000 members and 1,200 campgrounds since it began in 2006.

“It has been a real success for Affinity Group,” said Bruce Hoster, vice president and executive director of Camp Club USA.

Camp Club USA’s closest partners are Woodall’s and Camping World, whose rep teams generally add 100 or more parks each year to Camp Club’s directory. “We envisioned we would cap out at 1,500 campgrounds,” Hoster said. “The rep teams have done a great job and we think there is still a lot of growth potential. We continue to add parks and we hope the membership side will also continue to grow.”

While Hoster anticipates that the club in two years will be close to doubling its current size to 100,000, he says Affinity Group would ultimately like to see Camp Club USA grow to 200,000 members.

Although there are other discount programs available to campers, Camp Club USA parks are rated by Woodall’s and have to be 3W or higher to be included in Camp Club USA’s directory. “We did some research and that was one of the biggest complaints of other discount programs is campers were unhappy with the campgrounds themselves,” Hoster said. “All of our campgrounds are quality.”

Hoster stressed the importance of Camp Club USA member feedback.

“We listen very closely to member feedback and do take action when we receive negative feedback,” he said. “As much as we hope to know about our network of campgrounds, our 50,000 members are out there traveling and know more. If there is a campground that we are personally recommending to our members that did not pan out, then we need to take it off our listing.”

A consumer typically pays $49.95 to become a Camp Club USA member, but there are President’s Club discounts and other promotions for $39.95. Camp Club members save 50% on campsites

Camp Club USA had been publishing and distributing its own stand-alone directory, but in 2011 will partner with the Woodall’s North American Campground Directory. “We decided it is two directories in one using Woodall’s,” Hoster said. “There will be a special insert that will just be for Camp Club USA with locator maps.”

Within the body of the Woodall’s Directory all Camp Club USA parks will be noted with a special symbol on state maps. And next to each listing, if it is a Camp Club USA Park, it will have the club logo next to it.

“We think it will be a real benefit for our members,” Hoster said. “Not only do they get all of what they are used to getting with Woodall’s North American Campground Directory, they get the Camp Club USA listings.”

Camp Club USA has not partnered with the Association for RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), but does exhibit at ARVC’s National Conference and is on its Supplier Council. Woodall’s reps continue to attend nearly all the state ARVC events.

There is no cost to become a Camp Club USA campground affiliate. Participating campgrounds receive a free listing in the club’s directory. Each campground listing contains complete details of the park’s facilities, amenities, restrictions, directions and a map of their location. Campgrounds choose when and for how many nights they will accept Camp Club USA for discounted camping.

For info, call (800) 391-2533 or (800) 416-7813.