Camp Fire evacuees camping in the Lime Saddle Campground in Butte County, Calif., are not sure how long they will continue to stay, according to Action News Now. 

Some evacuees say they were told to leave by the end of August, but Butte County officials say that’s not the case.

Butte County spokeswoman Casey Hatcher says evacuees can currently stay until Oct. 31.

Through a natural disaster declaration, the county asks FEMA to reimburse it for the expenses of letting people stay at the campground.

Hatcher says the county is actively helping evacuees at the campground transition back to their properties, relocate to a different RV park and even pay for hauling their trailer.

Hatcher says the site has always been intended as a temporary solution, not the long term.

Once the debris is cleared from a property, Hatcher says evacuees can move back to their plot of land with their RV or trailer.

Many people including Rona Coyae say that even though their property is certified debris cleaned, it’s still not habitable.

As of Sunday, Camp Fire survivors use about 40 RV sites at Lime Saddle — rent-free and free water.

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