Editor’s note: This message was sent out by Dyana Kelley, CEO and president of the CampCalNOW RV Park and Campground Alliance (CampCalNOW) and gives an update on California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s reopening plans. 

On Tuesday, Newsom outlined the four-stage process to reopen California that was disappointing at best and was followed by an “invite-only” call later that day with GO-Biz and Rhys Williams, Newsom’s senior advisor on emergency preparedness and management.

During the call and in response to my question about a return of leisure travel, Rhys indicated that camping would be highly irresponsible, citing a jumping pad with a dozen kids on it being something they would not entertain any time soon; he included that we may see a slight return of leisure travel in Stage 3 (stages outlined below). Due to the nature of the call (my mic was shut off), I was unable to rebut his statement and his myopic view of RV/camping.

I immediately emailed the director of business and economic development and have a call scheduled later this week to rebut and outline a phase-in approach for campgrounds.

With this new information, I feel that it is time to start working the local jurisdictions/counties to lobby toward an opening of responsible recreation in private RV parks. Every county has a horror story from this past weekend of irresponsible recreators, but we can help solve this problem and contribute positively to the economic turn around of local jurisdictions.

Outdoor hospitality is seasonal, and parks need to be able to return to business. I am currently working with parks in several counties to form coalitions to present a phase-in approach to county supervisors. It is time we all work with our neighboring parks and counties to come together with a positive solution.

If you need my assistance in your area, please call the office at (530) 885-1624, or email me at dyana@campcalnow.com.

Stages for Reopening

We are presently in Stage 1, which includes planning and preparation for contact tracing, and guidelines for an expanded workforce.

Stage 2 is scheduled to begin in the next few weeks and would include opening of “some” manufacturing, possibly some retail, open spaces, and the potential to open schools in July. This stage would also include “wage replacement” to encourage workers who feel ill to stay home.

Stage 3 would be “months not weeks” away, and would include personal care industries such as gyms, salons, and expanded low-risk businesses.

Stage 4 would be a complete lift of the stay-at-home order, as well as a return to concerts, conventions, and large group gatherings, all of which would not happen until therapeutics would be made available.

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