Editor’s Note: This message was posted by the CampCalNOW RV Park and Campground Alliance (CampCalNOW).

With the recent passing of Senate Bill 317, the banning of RV holding tank products containing formaldehyde, new regulatory signage is required with the implementation of the new law.

The sign states the health and safety code section 25210.2 and informs your guests that the use of formaldehyde products is prohibited. The toxic chemicals that can cause serious harm to not only your septic systems but can also cause contamination in drinking water are listed on the new signs.

The signs urge campers to use bacteria or enzyme-based products only.

This new sign should be posted at the entrance of your park, the front office or campstore, and at a dump station if you have one on site. Without the new regulatory signs, you may be held liable if formaldehyde is found in your systems.

CampCalNOW also strongly suggests that you speak with your guests about the new sign to be sure they avoid using harmful contaminates that potentially cause damage to your holding tanks.

CampCalNOW and its predecessor associations have advocated for this bill to be passed for more than 20 years, and have finally secured the passage of legislation that will ban the sale and use of RV holding tank products containing formaldehyde and other chemicals beginning in 2022.

The new signs are on presale from CampCalNOW.

Call the office to order your signs at (530) 885-1624.