WOODALL’SCM.com received the following communication from CampCalNow RV Park and Campground Alliance’s President and CEO Dyana Kelley on Wednesday (March 25). 

Thank you all for your patience while I sorted out some details. In the past week, I have talked to nearly 100 parks to get your feedback from the streets. Thank you for sharing your stories and the steps you are taking to keep your family, your park, and your guests safe.

Whether a park is “essential” is really governed by the local county health departments.

This week, I spoke with several county health departments in order to distinguish “essential” from “non-essential” businesses. What I can tell you is that they all agree that RV parks, in general, are “essential.” The services provided are life-sustaining. Some counties will be enforcing mandates more than others. Mendocino County stated that residents in the area are calling to report RVs going in and out of parks, and authorities are making visits to parks to ensure that they are not open for “new business.”

Complaints in any county will be immediately acted on, but not all are putting enforcement on the ground.

In general, county officials do not want the transmission of COVID-19 across county lines and are asking for our assistance to minimize recreational travel.

Here are some things you can do to show you are cooperating with the mandate:

  • Post all city, county, and state health notices.
  • Close all common areas and pools.
  • Close your office and store to guests, but remain available by phone.
  • Please do not accept “recreational” reservations right now. This could jeopardize all parks from being able to remain open.
  • Offer your resources — dump station, propane, water — to the community. Travelers can come in and take care of services before moving on. Even if you do not have full-time residents, you can be open as a community resource.
  • USE YOUR BEST JUDGMENT when conducting day-to-day business.

I have asked what parks are supposed to do when an RVer is wanting to stay a night on their way home. The answer varies from “tell them to go to a rest stop” to “use your best judgment.” Rest stops hardly seem like the solution and could escalate an already challenging situation, but some counties are adamant about overnighters.

California parks are for the most part open and will stay that way if all work together. My ultimate goal is to keep parks open and ready to roll once the mandate is lifted. If I continue to push for granularity at the state level, we are likely to be shut down entirely just as open spaces continue to be shut down. Then we will need an order to reopen. We do not want to wait to be told we can open.

Lastly, I have been working closely with CalTravel, Visit California, and also had a great conversation with Mike Belote, president of California Advocates, who represent the RV Industry Association (RVIA). Mike has had conversations with several businesses in our industry who are all trying to define “essential.”

“It would be nearly impossible to define every job, in every business, in every industry throughout our state, and it would likely not benefit our industry to back the government into a corner,” he noted.

Mike agreed that the stance we are taking at CampCalNOW is in the best interest of our members and the RV park industry in California.

Let’s all work together to support the RVing community, keep our parks open, and look to a brighter future.

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