Online camping forums are exploding with posts from campers who want to get out and camp but have no idea which parks are open. This info is very difficult to find especially with restrictions changing daily. Officials are excited to announce that we have just launched a COVID-19 coverage map in campersAPP. Since the app is geo aware it is an effective tool to connect campers with open campgrounds along their route.

RVers will be able to easily see who is open, and connect.

Developers have created a five color pin system that will indicate the following park statuses:

  • Green pin – this color indicates your park is fully open with no restrictions.
  • Yellow pin – this color indicates your park is open with restrictions. You can include details about what the restrictions are and they will appear when the map pin is clicked on. If your park is only open to visitors in your own state, you will want to set your pin to yellow, for example.
  • Blue pin – this color indicates a park is closed to overnight/transient campers, however is open for seasonal and essential service guests.
  • Red pin – this color indicates your park is fully closed at this time. If you know the date you will be open, include this info in the details area.
  • Gray pin – this color will indicate a park is not open for camping but offers travelers access to a dump station or pump out services.

You do not need to be a campersAPP customer to have a pin on the map. To claim your park, simply click on the link below. Developers will need to verify your account before your pin goes live so please make sure campersAPP has a business email and phone number to speed this process along. Parks on campersAPP do not need to do this step, just go to the tools area of your dashboard to drop a pin.

To access the map on your mobile device, simply download campersAPP and click on the toolbox icon to see the map appear. This map will remain active for as long as needed. We have created this tool to help parks communicate their open status during this difficult time. Please help us spread the word.

For information or to download the app, click here.