CampersCard is designed as a way for park owners to offer discounts and highlight their parks.

CampersCard has launched as a way to connect campers with campgrounds through a new program that offers park owners/operators a chance to offer discounts to campers, such as a first-night discount or an entire stay discount.

“We are typically seeing owners offer a 25% to 30% discount on the first night and a 10% to 15% discount off the entire stay,” noted Joel Holland, CEO of CampersCard.

Created by the team behind Harvest Hosts, the program costs nothing for parks to join, Holland told WOODALLSCM.com (WCM), and he highlighted that the program’s revenue will come from camper memberships.

The hope is that Harvest Hosts members will also become CampersCard members, and Holland said the program is signing up campgrounds who want to participate. The program will be open to all RVers, not just Harvest Hosts members as well.

“We have over 800,000 contacts and we are working to encourage them to stay at campgrounds participating in the program,” Holland explained. “Campgrounds make up the vast majority of RV nights on the road, and we want to help connect travelers to sites where they can have amazing experiences. CampersCard is a chance to connect a large network of RVers to campgrounds in an exciting new way, offering discounts as well as unique perks like late check-out and other on-site benefits.”CampersCard

Holland also clarified this is not an effort by Harvest Hosts to get into the reservation management business.

“CampersCard provides a platform with location profiles for members to view a park, check out discounts and other benefit details,” he noted. “Members will then simply go to the campground’s website or call the campground to book a stay. There is no extra reservation system or complicated program to connect to more RVers.

“We let campground owners decide how to recognize the discounts — some are working to create a special coupon code in their booking system, whereas others say to just call the main line and have campers indicate they are with CampersCard,” added Holland.

CampersCard plans to launch it consumer membership push in the Spring and at that time members will be able to see which campgrounds are on the program and view details regarding discounts and other benefits that campgrounds are providing to CampersCard members.

To learn more about the program, go to www.camperscard.com.