Campground Accounting has announced the creation of “Campground Compass,” a new, weekly podcast that looks at campground ownership through the lens of accounting.

The show is gearing up to share campfire stories, pro tips and fresh ideas for entrepreneurially spirited individuals, according to a press release.

“This is an audio adventure for campground owners passionate about progressive business who want to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset to grow, expand and improve their campgrounds,” said Donna Bordeaux, a CPA and founder of Campground Accounting. “Never miss an opportunity, experience, exploration or understanding again. We’re breathing new life into the business of growing a campground business.”

Topics of conversation on Campground Compass will focus on how to amplify a park owner’s efforts, innovate the industry and solve problems specific to the wild and wonderful world of campground ownership, including:

  • Business Building for Campgrounds
  • Problem-Solving Through the Lens of Profitability
  • Success Stories in Growth
  • Adventures in Accounting. (Yes, accounting.)
  • Progressive and Proactive Entrepreneurialism
  • State of the Market
  • How-Tos/Thought Leadership

Campground Compass is hosted by the mother-and-son duo Donna Bordeaux and Zack Bordeaux, who have been traveling together to RV parks and campgrounds as a family — and family business — for the last twenty years. They are now bringing their unique, multi-generational point of view about progressive practices and the business of campgrounds to the podcasting arena to help current and prospective campground owners navigate the industry and stay nimble in the changing terrain of a rapidly-evolving market, stated the release.

Campground Compass is available now in audio and video formats at Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, Overcast and wherever you like to stream your podcasts. For more information on Campground Compass, visit campgroundcompasspodcast.com.