A can of beans, a pound of beef, a can of tomato juice, all the peppers one can find, one onion and a competitive spirit are some of the ingredients for a successful chili competition. Over the years, the Sea Pirate Campground has held an annual chili cook-off at its site in West Creek, N.J., but that may be coming to an end, the Sand Paper of Surf City reported.

“It’s slowed down over the last couple of years. We have considered making this our last year because it has slowed down so much,” organizer Bettiann Minenna said. “It’s difficult to get the word out.”

Beyond that, Minenna couldn’t really answer why interest has dwindled.

“If I could answer that, I’d solve the problem,” Minenna said.

The contest started with the new millennium. In its 14th year now, Minenna hopes to see more people enter.

All proceeds benefit the Eagleswood and Parkertown fire companies. Usually, the contest raises a few thousand dollars for the firehouses.

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