Yavapai Campground in Arizona is unavailable for public use through noon tomorrow (Oct. 31), radio station KQNA reported.

Prescott National Forest officials had closed the campground in the Granite Basin Recreation Area at noon Wednesday.  Officials say the closure, which was originally scheduled for Oct. 21-23, is to allow road maintenance and crack sealing to be completed in a safe and timely manner.

Day-use areas are still open for trail access, fishing and picnicking.

Yavapai, White Spar, Alto Pit and the Powell Springs campgrounds are open year round. All other campgrounds, including Hazlett Hollow in the Crown King area, Lower Wolf Creek in the Groom Creek area, Hilltop and Lynx in the Lynx Lake Recreation Area and Mingus Mountain and Potato Patch will close for the winter on Friday. The Mingus Picnic and Day-use areas follow the same schedule.

The campgrounds will reopen on May 15.

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