For those who may have seen a new product on TV or in a store and thought “I should have thought of that,” Joe Cooper had an idea that he pursued and didn’t give up on. After almost 10 years of perseverance, a device to make s’mores easier has become a very successful business.

It all began one night while sitting around a campfire with his wife, Erin, and their two young sons, according to a press release.

They ran into the same old dilemma. Who was going into the woods to find the sticks for roasting marshmallows? The Cooper’s frequently enjoyed making their favorite outdoor dessert, s’mores, but the responsibility for finding the roasting sticks fell solely on Cooper.

“It was always ‘dad’ going into the brush and bramble to find sticks,” says Cooper, who would end up scratched and frustrated from his escapades into the woods. “I just thought, there’s got to be a better way to do this”.

Cooper searched for a marshmallow roasting tool for nearly a year, only to discover that none existed. He put his idea to paper and started working on a design. After some initial tweaking, SMORSTIX was born!

“It was really just a backyard idea gone global,” said Cooper. Originally marketed as a summer time product, SMORSTIX has become a year-round phenomenon. “It’s found its way into niches I would have never thought of,” Cooper said.

From California to Maine, SMORSTIX has found it’s way into campgrounds, RV parks, hotels and resorts. From tailgating to ice fishing, no matter what the temperature is out, ”If there’s fire, people are using our sticks!”

A few years after the inception and the success that accompanied being featured on the Food Network’s ”Unwrapped,” Cooper developed the SMORPAK which combines everything needed to make s’mores in one convenient package.

Recently, SMORSTIX released two new products to its line — SMORPAK Party Pak and the SMORPAK Ultimate Pak. “We were getting requests from our customers that they needed to satisfy the whole gang at one sitting, so we came up with the Party Pack,” Cooper said. ”It‘s a bigger version of the original SMORPAK.  The Ulitmate Pak combines all of my favorite s’more recipes; Traditional, Peanut Butter Dream and the Frosty S’more. You get it all — peanut butter cups, mint patties; it’s everything you need to make all three recipes.”

The majority of SMORSTIX production is handled by developmentally disabled employees of KUHN Employment Opportunities, a Connecticut-based company that supports individuals with disabilities. SMORSTIX strives to give back as much as possible to the communities that support its products.  Cooper has donated his products to camps for disabled children since the beginning.

2010 is on track to be an exciting year for SMORSTIX.  Cooper has been working on developing a new and innovative product that he is very excited about. “We’re hoping to release it sometime in the spring” says Joe. With the success of the current SMORSTIX line and the anticipation of the upcoming products, SMORSTIX keeps us wanting s’more.

Visit www.smorstix.com to order online or contact SMORSTIX at 1-877-SMORSTIX for more informati