A day at Camp Kiwanis has been creating happy memories for generations of children in the Mason, Mich., area, especially for those in the Boy Scouts, the Lansing State Journal reported.

That will end next year. A Boys Scouts of America regional board voted on Dec.12 to close the camp in December 2016.

The facility just wasn’t being used enough, the group said.

The 80-acre Camp Kiwanis sits just east of Mason in rural Vevay Township, but it draws kids from over the area, according to Leon Clark, a Mason councilman and former mayor.

“It’s been a mainstay in the community for a long, long time,” Clark said. “I remember from even before it was all just Boy Scouts. We used to go out there as kids.

“There was a sledding hill and a bunch of other things that were going on.”

The Boy Scouts of America has held the deed and operated the camp under a use agreement with the Kiwanis Club of Lansing since 1939, The property will revert back to the club when the camp is closed.

But the club hasn’t actually used the land itself for at least 76 years, a period longer than most, if not all, of its members’ memories. The tract’s future is a big question mark.

William Maher, secretary of the Kiwanis Club of Lansing, said “It was kind of a shock” when the Boy Scouts told him the park was closing.

“We’re going to have a meeting with the Boy Scouts on Jan. 7,” Maher said. “The only thing I know is that we own the property and we’re getting it back.”

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