Mansfield (Ohio) Mayor Tim Theaker suggests three options on what could be done with Clearfork Campground: raise campers’ rates, privatize the campground or shut it down.

“The things that I think that we need to look at as a whole to me would be either raising the rates to accommodate what people feel is the appropriate way to go or possibly closing the facility down,” he said.

According to the Mansfield News Journal, more than 20 campers attended the Mansfield City Council Utilities Committee meeting Monday (Oct. 16) night for the campground discussion.

Rumors have swirled in recent months about the campground closing, but council has not yet made a decision on the site’s future.

Currently, 44 of the 52 campsites are occupied, although four campers have decided not to return next year. Only three are Mansfield residents, with the rest living outside the city, Theaker said in August.

Theaker presented several figures on the campground Monday night.

In a normal operating year, the campground’s expenses are $64,412.60. In 2017, with incidentals including water line replacements, the campground’s expenses are $105,037.

The campground’s annual camper revenue is $53,075. In an average year, the campground is in the red $11,337.60. With this year’s incidentals, it’s in the red $51,962.

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